Malevolent Haunting Specialists

Welcome to the official web site of Demonologist Keith Johnson and Assistant Sandra Johnson.

New England Anomalies Research (NEAR) was founded for the purpose of investigating and analyzing phenomena which is suspected to be of paranormal origin; that is, removed from what is currently understood and accepted as legitimate by prevailing scientific standards.
NEAR's founders (Keith & Sandra) and investigators, Lisa Dowaliby and Andrew Graham, are former core members of internationally recognized 'TAPS' (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)- best known for their work on the SciFi television series Ghost Hunters. Keith and Sandra have also appeared together on the TV series Paranormal State.

Although it cannot always be explained, paranormal phenomena is reported by numerous and credible witnesses, too many to dismiss such unusual occurrences as resulting from delusion. It can be the cause of genuine distress on the part of those people who experience it. Our endeavor is to provide assistance to those who bring to our attention these occurrences which may be caused by hauntings and spiritual oppression. However, in our investigations we will first make intent to rule out any possible mundane causes for such phenomena.

The Rhode Island-based team, with the support of the New Hampshire-based team and other affiliates, possess strong investigative skills and paranormal knowledge. We will work together to help those in need.
NEAR RI offers its clients professional and comprehensive paranormal investigative services including the following:

  • Professional evidence-based investigations
  • Assistance with the understanding of aspects of hauntings and the paranormal
  • Assistance with identifying and removing spirits, both human and inhuman


To request an investigation please contact our case manager, David Grist.

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